Top 9 Best Nootropics and Brain Supplements Of 2017

Here’s our prediction for the most interesting and best nootropics and brain boosters for 2017–click the substance name to see where to purchase it. Many of these rank in the top half of the 2016 Slate Star Codex nootropics survey of 850 people:

Nootropics Slate Star Codex Survey 2016
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Our vote for best of the racetams. The racetams will always rate in the top 10 due to their effectiveness and much more scientific research than other substances. See our article on racetams for more information.


Russians have long been aware of phenibut as a smart drug and consider it an essential medicine. It’s time that this one became mainstream in the US, as this is one of our favorites and also the favorite of a number of others–taking the top spot by median rating in the Slate Star Codex Survey. See our answer Phenibut: Does It Work for more information.


Available by prescription only in the United States, this is another one that has a large amount of evidence to its effectiveness as well as huge amounts of anecdotal evidence. If you have issues with sleep or drowsiness, then this is the one for you.

Buy Modafanil Online
Buy Modafanil Online


Since it was reintroduced by Ceretropic it has exploded in popularity. P21 (or P-21) is by far the most rapidly trending nootropic by search volume that over the past few months of 2016. See our article on P21 for more information.


Rapidly gaining popularity on college campuses and workplaces with those looking for an edge. Doesn’t hurt that you can get a year’s supply of bulk powder for $10-20. See our article on noopept for more information.


One clinical report found an 80% improvement for subjects’ retention of verbal information versus placebo. This is one a lot of people haven’t heard about, but that might change in the next year or so.

LSD Microdosing

The availability and legality will keep this one from being mainstream, but a mountain of evidence is showing that extremely low doses of the psychedelic drug can do everything including: treating PTSD, relief from depression, permanent mood improvement, treating severe stuttering, helping social anxiety, and improving cognition–without the psychedelic effects that the normal doses (5x to 10x of a microdose) are known for.


Another Russian development for treating neurological issues. This one now has a number of easy ways to administer as well as amidated and acelyated options. See our article on Peptides Worth Buying for more information.


Its major use is to treat major depressive disorder, but it can be mood boosting, neuro-protective, anxiolytic, and a cognitive enhancer — a true wonder drug!

Let us know which substances you think will be tops in 2017!

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