Powder City is now permanently closed – 25% off sitewide expired

There is more information on this story on reddit, along with speculation that a lawsuit concerning a tianeptine related death might be to blame.

Update: Due to overwhelming demand, they have prematurely closed due to the skeleton crew not being able to handle a larger number of orders than already placed. Their website now states, “Powder City is closed and will no longer be processing orders. Support for all existing orders will be available through 3/31/17.”

From their site:

Powder City will be closing permanently at the end of March. Our last day of sales will be the March 23rd. We will stop accepting sales on the 23rd at 9am ET. Our last day of operations will be March 31st.

We have enjoyed providing our customers with a wide selection of products and a transparent quality process. However, there were setbacks in 2016 from which Powder City was unable to recover.

As we liquidate our remaining inventory until March 23rd, you can expect the same quality as before, and now at closeout pricing. Most products are now discounted at 25% off. Our previous partial liquidation collection is now discounted at 50% off. A few of our products will not be discounted due to sales volume and limited remaining stock.

Due to the increased order volume during the liquidation, our fulfillment time may take longer than usual. We will strive to stay within the shipping time windows advertised at checkout.

We will not be shipping to Australia during the liquidation. Sales to Canada will be unavailable after March 17th. These earlier international cutoff dates will ensure that we can provide order delivery support for all international customers.

Support for all purchases will be unavailable after March 31st, 2017. Products purchased after March 13th, 2017 will not be eligible for returns.

Thank you for your support over the years.

A huge blow to the nootropics community, as Powder City has long been one of our favorites and most trusted vendors. They have had a number of issues with payment processing in the past so this isn’t a huge surprise. There’s no word yet on if this affects Nootrostop.com, as this is the sister site of Powder City and where they had shifted selling some of the more banned substances such as phenibut, piracetam, etc.


From our request for more information:

Better Brain: Are nootrostop.com and supplementastic.com shutting down as well as the PC main site or will they continue on?

Powder City:
Hi Better Brain,

The company itself is closing, therefore, all websites will be shutting down as well.



Powder City was being sued in November 2016 by a couple whose son died allegedly from taking tianeptine purchased from Powder City.

With AwakeBrain.comĀ getting raided by the FDA, this is a difficult time for nootropics suppliers.

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