N-Acetyl Epitalon: Can it reverse the effects of aging?

N-Acetyl Epitalon Overview

Epitalon (also spelled Epithalon) has been shown in studies to lengthen telemeres which can protected DNA from damage and possibly from that damage turning into cancer. It has been shown to reverse the effects of aging on organs and the immune system, and has beneficial effects without side effect to all tissue. It was discovered in the 1980s by a Russian scientist


From True Life Research on Longecity.com:

In summary, Epitalon appears to be an anti-aging peptide with revolutionary potential that works on all levels of cellular health and in DNA repair. The following benefits are noted.

  • Activating telomerase.
  • Elongating telomeres.
  • Promoting cellular survival and resistance to stress and oxidative changes.
  • Balancing endocrine secretions, rejuvenating pineal gland function and increasing melatonin release.
  • Specifically attenuating excess cortisol secretions from the higher level.
  • Can increase antioxidant enzymes.
  • Increase brain health, stave brain cell aging / remodeling.
  • Restore quality of life and extend the lifespan by all above mechanisms.

Telomeres are the regions at the end of chromosomes that protect them from deterioration and fusion with other chromosomes. They get shorter with age because of cell division, and when too short will keep the cells from dividing. This shortening is associated with aging, cancer, and increased risk of death. Many scientists consider them the key to longer lifespans.

Buy Epitalon

Cheapest I could find was Ceretropic which sells it currently in 100mg vials. It also is available from True Life Research.

Side Effects

Very little information is available on side effects and long-term usage. I couldn’t find any anecdotal side effects that were reported. Some users worry that it may increase cancer, but all the data so far suggests that it inhibits cancer.


Very little information is available on dosage. Many of the studies undertaken have taken much lower dosages than the anecdotal usage that can be found on forums and Reddit’s nootropics. The owner of Ceretropic lists 500mcg to 10mg as the range that people generally have taken, but did not suggest a dosage himself. Articles generally list 5 mg to 1 gram depending on the administration method–oral, nasal, or injectable.


Effects of Tetrapeptide Epithalon with Telomere and Telomerase Activities in HepG2 and L-02 Cells

These results show that Epithalon may inhibit tumor in vivo from immunological regulation route. So Epithalon can be used in anti-tumor therapy as a kind of immunological regulation agents as well as drug combination, so as to increasing the anti-tumor activity and decreasing side effects…

Effect of epithalon on the incidence of chromosome aberrations in senescence-accelerated mice

These data indicate antimutagenic effect of Epithalon, which probably underlies the geroprotective effect of this peptide.

Positive effects on reducing carcinogenesis (formation of cancer cells) – International Journal of Molecular Medicine – Epitalon and colon carcinogenesis in rats: Proliferative activity and apoptosis in colon tumors and mucosa

Mitotic activity of tumor cells was significantly inhibited by Epitalon when the treatment was given throughout the experiment (group 2). In parallel, a high level of apoptosis was seen in the same group. Thus, the strongest inhibitory effect of Epitalon on carcinogenesis in the colon mucosa was manifested when the treatment was continued throughout the experiment.

Effects of intranasal administration of epitalon on neuron activity in the rat neocortex




http://no-aging.ru/supplements-animals (Russian)


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