Can a nootropic also suppress hunger?

A Quora user asked Better Brain, “Are there any nootropics that suppress hunger?

You are going to have a harder time finding a supplement that can pull double duty of having both cognitive boosting nootropic effect and appetite suppression or weight loss rather than two individual supplements.

Modafinil has a number of anecdotes of people reporting that it diminished their appetite, for some an unwanted side effect. Its cognitive abilities have been well established. Its food intake reducing abilities have been compared to amphetamines in a study, and it was found to be nearly as effective with much fewer side effects.

Like amphetamine, modafinil reduced the amount of food consumed and decreased energy intake, without altering the proportion of macronutrients consumed. Although both medications significantly increase heart rate and blood pressure at higher doses, the dose of modafinil that was efficacious in decreasing food intake did not significantly increase heart rate. Modafinil may be well suited for the treatment of obesity, although further studies with repeated dosing in overweight populations are warranted. Modafinil may have less adverse health consequences than some anorectic agents and greater treatment efficacy [1].

Another study of an individual case, found a modafinil user lost 40 lbs while using the drug and maintained it for three years. After discontinuing the drug, he gained 30 lbs over six months, which led to him going back on modafinil and losing 10 lbs in six weeks.

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Buy Modafanil Online

The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) has published a report on common Weight-Loss Dietary Supplements. Some of these have been known to have nootropic effects and are thought to have appetite suppressing abilities as well. Of these caffeine, ephedra, green coffee bean, and green tea extract are probably the most promising. A number of people have used Yohimbine for nootropic and weight loss purposes as well, but there are a number of possible side effects that need to be considered before administering and also a lack of research supporting its weight loss reputation.

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