Vinpocetine: The Best Memory Nootropic On

Why vinpocetine is the best memory nootropic on Amazon

A user asked Better Brain: Which nootropic (available in Amazon) works for classes and technical exams for focus/cognition in class & for studying/retention/recall for exams)The Amazon restriction keeps us from recommending the usual suspects (racetams, phenibut, noopept, modafinil, adrafinil, etc.) so the next one up that has a good amount of research behind it is vinpocetine.

It’s available from a number of vendors on—Source Naturals, Pure Encapsulations, Powder City, and Jarrow are all quality supplement companies. There are also some vinpocetine stack nootropics available from Thorne ($$$), OptiMind, and others.

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Here are the results from a number of both human and animal studies:

A study titled “Effect of Vinpocetine (Cognitol™) on Cognitive Performances of a Nigerian Populationfound “Vinpocetine was effective in improving memory and concentration of patients with epilepsy and dementia although the efficacy was minimal in demented patients.” The following bar chart shows concentration error scores for patients with epilepsy and dementia—errors improved from baseline at 6 weeks and 12 weeks:

Vinpocetine study concentration errors at baseline, 6 weeks, and 12 weeks
Vinpocetine study concentration errors at baseline, 6 weeks, and 12 weeks

Vinpocetine enhances cerebral utilization of oxygen and glucose and consequently improves cerebral functions including memory.

The results of this preliminary study have shown the benefits of Vinpocetine (Cognitol™) in the treatment of cognitive impairments especially memory and sustained attention deficits in Nigerian Africans. Furthermore, it has also demonstrated the usefulness of the SBT for the screening of memory and sustained attention impairments in our patients[1].

Another set of studies on older adults found significant improvements to global cognition:

Vinpocetine increases blood circulation and metabolism in the brain. Animal studies have shown that vinpocetine can reduce the loss of neurons due to decreased blood flow. In three studies of older adults with memory problems associated with poor brain circulation or dementia-related disease, vinpocetine produced significantly more improvement than a placebo in performance on global cognitive tests reflecting attention, concentration, and memory[2].

But what about healthy humans? Twelve healthy female volunteers had significant memory improvements after treatment:

Twelve healthy female volunteers…memory as assessed using the Sternberg technique was found to be significantly improved following treatment with vinpocetine 40 mg when compared to placebo and results suggested a localised effect of the drug on the serial comparison stage of the reaction process[3].

It is also works if you are a mouse:

In the open field and Y-maze tests, there were significant differences between the control (CON) group and SCO group. Vinpocetine (4 mg/kg) administration for consecutive 28 d significantly improved the scopolamine-induced memory dysfunction. In the fear conditioning test, vinpocetine (2, 4 mg/kg) administration had certain beneficial effect on emotional memory. Our results suggest that vinpocetine could improve cognitive function in memory deficient mice and high clinic dosage might be better[4].

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