Adrafinil: Is It Really Modafinil without Prescription

Adrafinil Overview

Adrafinil is a prodrug of modafinil which means eventually it will turn to modafinil in the body. Despite having similar effects, some people find it more or less effective and there are concerns that it may have a harder toll on the body especially the liver. It will increase wakefulness and alertness, the same as modafinil, and is often available at a much lower cost. In the United States, a prescription is not needed for adrafinil, unlike modafinil which does require a prescription. Overall, if you are interested in the effects of modafinil but are in the United States, I highly recommend trying some.

Buy Modafanil Online
Buy Modafanil Online


Recommended to start around 100 mg and work up to 600 mg or more if necessary. Many people choose to cycle modafinil or adrafinil so that they do not build a tolerance or have major side effects from long term usage, or only use it when they are having sleep issues or need an additional boost to their focus.

Adrafinil requires a higher dosage than modafinil; whereas a typical dosage of modafinil is 100-200 mg many users find they need 400-900 mg of adrafinil. It is not recommended to take over 1200 mg, so if you find yourself needing dosages that high then modafinil or armodafinil may be more appropriate. The bioavailability is 80%.

Time to Effect

30 to 45 minutes generally


Inexpensive. Often for $3/gram or less.

Buy Adrafinil

Available from Nootropics Depot without prescription.

Also available: dark adrafinil from Ceretropic

Some people prefer either light or dark adrafinil, but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus conclusion.


reddit user 1_player shares his experience while asking what the downsides may be:

Typical day without Adrafinil: arrive at work at 10, a bit slow after 6 hours of sleep, take coffee, get things done for 30 minutes, get easy distracted for a couple of hours (mainly Reddit), work 30 minutes and repeat till 19. Arrive at home and I’m pretty trashed.

Typical day with Adrafinil: arrive at work at 10, when Adrafinil should start to show its effects, I try to skip coffee as when I take it I’m a bit edgy, non-stop work till I get home. In 6 weeks I’ve opened Reddit at work a couple of times. I arrive at home, work on my personal projects for 2/3 hours and my day is over, satisfied.

I’m usually happy the work day starts so I can be like a superhuman.

I experimented with Piracetam, Hydergine, Tyrosine, but nothing ever worked every single day I take it.

Another redditor Toppguy shares his creativity boosting experience:

Second day taking 300mg Adrafinil (which metabolizes into about 100mg modafinil in the body). Both times I have felt ultra creative. I want to start up my personal business again, start a marketing campaign, Make a movie, load new software on my computer, write a book, write this post, upgrade my computer, build a new computer… and so much more. I keep seeing vivid “movies” in my head of what I want to do today. However I don’t feel nervous, have anxiety, rapid heartbeat, sweating or any other effects as I would from taking say 250mg caffeine or 20mg adderral.


“Treatment with adrafinil produced significant improvement in learning, as indicated by a decrease in both errors and trials to criterion.” — Oral administration of adrafinil improves discrimination learning in aged beagle dogs.

“Treatment with 20 mg/kg of adrafinil produced a significant impairment in working memory as indicated by an increase in the number of errors over the 8-day test period.” — Adrafinil disrupts performance on a delayed nonmatching-to-position task in aged beagle dogs.

A number of studies on modafinil may also apply to adrafinil, see our article on modafinil for more information.

Side Effects

Stomach issues, inability to fall asleep, higher heart rate, and stimulant complaints are the common side effects noted, very similar to modafinil. The one major question is if it is harder on the liver than modafinil, but there is not any good data on that question. I have seen milk thistle recommended as it can have protective effects on the liver, but this combination has not been clinically studied either.


Adrafinil is a very effective alternative to modafinil and can be tried inexpensively and is much easier to obtain in the United States without needing a prescription. The additional side effects are probably not going to be a major problem in the short term, so I recommend giving it a shot especially if you are having issues with wakefulness.


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